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Grim Joins T1 VALORANT as Streamer & Content Creator

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Today, T1 is proud to announce we have signed new streamer & content creator - please welcome Grim to T1 VALORANT!

Grim joins T1 as a full-time content creator, having started his YouTube career in just September of 2020 as a result of having more time on his hands due to the pandemic. What first started as a happy-go-lucky foray into CS:GO turned into a real grind upon the release of VALORANT, which led him to developing some crazy in-game tech, a consistent video schedule, and a dedicated fanbase.

Today, Grim has amassed more Sage knowledge than anyone else on the server, as well as over 350,000 subscribers on YouTube. Make sure to tune in to his Twitch streams and keep an eye out for more T1 VALORANT content featuring Grim in the future!

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